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Upgrading Your View Of Love

“Love …nourishes your body the way the right balance of sunlight, nutrient-rich soil and water nourishes plants and allows them to flourish.” Barbara Fredrickson PhD, in “Love 2.0, How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everthing We Feel, Think, Do and Become” Valentines Day seems like the perfect time to tell you about a new book about love. But it requires us,Continue Reading

What’s Your Positivity Ratio? (And Why It Matters)

“As you raise your ratio above 3 to 1, a transformation occurs. You feel more alive, creative and resilient. You’ve stepped up to a whole new level of life.” Barbara Fredrickson PH.D., Author, “Positivity” Would you describe yourself as a positive person? One who finds positive meaning in day to day circumstances more frequently than negativity? If you’re sleep deprivedContinue Reading