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The Five Best Books On Menopause

“I applaud the author for bringing up the need to find a doctor whose qualifications match your new needs. This one thing can make a big difference in how well you navigate the menopause years.” My home library is crammed with books, CDs and subscription newsletters about women’s health, from menopause and hormones to exercise, nutrition and natural medicine. I’veContinue Reading

A New Study Evaluates Non-Hormonal Treatments For Hot Flashes

“A lot of purported remedies for hot flashes, such as flax seed, botanicals like Black Cohosh, acupuncture, and deep breathing, have failed to show any benefit when put through the rigors of a scientific study.” The benefits of aerobic exercise and the more mindful practice of Yoga to our mental and physical health are well studied and undeniable. They can helpContinue Reading

The Latest News on Hormone Therapy, Hot Flashes & More From the Nation’s Leading Menopause Conference

“Most mid-life women are suffering needlessly from vaginal dryness because they are too embarrassed to discuss it with their physician (and often physicians are just as shy to bring it up).” I just returned from the annual conference of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS), whose membership is comprised of clinical and science experts, including physicians, researchers, and nurses — whoContinue Reading

Track Menopause Symptoms with this iPhone App

The hormonal changes that begin during perimenopause, typically in your late 40s, can cause an array of symptoms that seem puzzling to someone who doesn’t know what to expect during this initial phase of hormonal fluctuation.  It usually isn’t until years later that you can look back and clearly see that what you were experiencing — hot flashes, joint pain,Continue Reading

A New Evaluation of Black Cohosh Yields Disappointing Results

Many women who experience hot flashes and want to stick to natural remedies often turn to Black Cohosh supplements for relief. They seem to work for a short amount of time for some women, while not all for others. Unfortunately, those disappointing results are consistent with the findings of a new meta-analysis of 16 randomized controlled trials, published just lastContinue Reading

Confused About Menopause Treatment Options? Hear These Docs Explain What The Latest Research Shows

“The NAMS Conference will be an opportunity for me to learn and share with you the latest thinking and recommendations on issues like hormone safety, sexual health, and hot flashes.” Making an informed decision about what menopause treatments will work best for you can be downright frustrating, if not impossible, if you’re counting on websites, celebrity testimonials, and even adviceContinue Reading

A Recent Study Finds That This Herbal Supplement Really Works for Menopause Symptoms

“The results of our study shows that Red Ginseng… improved menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes.” Research study author There’s a very short list of botanicals herbs that help with menopausal symptoms. Some women have seen improvements using Valerian Root for sleep; Black Cohosh for hot flashes; and Kava for anxiety. But there’s little research to support conclusively that these orContinue Reading

The Pros and Cons of Hormone Therapy

“Experts are now acknowledging that the benefits of HRT are many and should not be denied to women.” Dr. Marsha Nunley, M.D., San Francisco Millions of women are suffering through menopause with hot flashes, mood swings and foggy brain because they are afraid to use hormone therapy, believed to be the only reliable remedy for managing common symptoms of menopause.Continue Reading

Help Conquer Menopause-Related Insomnia

“Women complain about poor quality sleep twice as often as men.” At the Stanford University Women’s Health Forum this month, I had a chance to hear Rachael Manber Ph.D., the director of the School of Medicine’s Insomnia and Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program, explain why so many people have trouble falling and staying asleep. Especially women.  Apparently, as we age, weContinue Reading

What I’m Reading

Here’s my pick of the three most interesting books, newsletters or newsworthy articles I’ve read in the last week and that I think you’ll find worthwhile too: Eat Fat, Lose Fat: Dr. Mary Enig, a biochemist and well known researcher on healthy fats, thinks that no- and low-fat diets have made us lethargic and overweight. In her book, (first publishedContinue Reading