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How To Make Smoothies “Hormone Friendly”

“With the right ingredients, a smoothie can deliver the nutrients you need to achieve two goals: correcting estrogen dominance…and balancing your blood sugar, which is vital for managing your weight and hormone health.” Kristine Miles, author, The Green Smoothie Bible Earlier this week, I posted the first part of my email conversation with Kristine Miles, author of the just published TheContinue Reading

A Conversation with Kristine Miles, Author of The Green Smoothie Bible (Part 1)

“I never drink pure fruit or root vegetable juice, as I believe it’s way too high in concentred sugars. The flood of sugar into the blood, not slowed by the lack of fiber, may result in disorders of blood sugar metabolism such as diabetes, candida overgrowth, and weight gain, particularly around the belly.” Kristine Miles, Author, “The Green Smoothie Bible”Continue Reading