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Is There a Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Breast Cancer?

“Maintaining a Vitamin D serum level of between 40 and 60 ng/ml, would help prevent breast cancer.” Carole Baggerly, Founder, Grassroots Health If you’ve been remiss in checking your blood level of the Vitamin D hormone, I urge you to tune into a free webinar tomorrow to learn about the link between Vitamin D deficiency and an increased risk ofContinue Reading

The New Vitamin D Dosage Guidelines: Now What?

The Institute of Medicine panel that has been deliberating for several years over how much Vitamin D we should take finally issued their guidelines this week and though it was increased to 600 IU daily  for Americans and Canadians up to age 70 (up from 200 in 1997), it was much lower than what many doctors and medical groups thoughtContinue Reading

There’s A Good Deal on DIY Vitamin D Test Kits When You Join the D*Action Campaign

I recently wrote about a new home test kit that you can use to monitor your vitamin D levels.  Having an adequate amount of vitamin D is so important to your health that a worldwide public health campaign, called  D*action, has been launched to motivate people to take 2000 IU/day of  “the sunshine vitamin” to achieve adequate levels.