This Blog is chock full of information and resources to help you learn about Menopause (before, during and after) and how to help yourself feel well and stay healthy. So that you get the most out of this site, here’s a summary of what it has to offer, and where to find it.

Organization of Content

Between this website, and my Twitter and Facebook pages, I’m sharing a lot of information that I think you’ll find interesting and helpful.  Everything funnels through this blog, so if you visit regularly, you’ll be up to date on everything about women’s health in mid-life. Here’s how it’s organized:

This blog site is where you’ll find in-depth articles that are worthy of debate and discussion. They appear in chronological order with the current feature on top so you don’t miss it.  Beginning with the second blogpost, I only show the first paragraph so be sure to click on “read more” to see the blogposts in their entirety. You’ll find interviews with medical experts, news about the latest research studies, recommendations for products or services, or just a heads up about a website or book I’ve just discovered.

Sometimes I just want to tell you something – a factoid, survey findings, or a suggestion for a free webinar that I think will be worthwhile.  That’s what I use the  ”HOT FLASH” section for.  I keep it short and I update it daily, so keep an eye on it.

Below that is a live feed from my Twitter account. I always thought Twitter was nonsense until I started paying attention. You can really learn a lot from others who share your interests. Everyone posts “Tweets” or short bursts of information (no more than 140 characters) with links to interesting source material.  It’s a great way to keep up on your field of interest whatever it is. So, besides the information that I contribute in my own “tweets,” this live feed will show postings from others whom I “follow” and think you’ll find interesting too.  I’d love for you to participate in these conversations, so if you’re interested, click on “join the conversation” and follow me on Twitter.

A live feed from my Menopause The Blog Facebook page is just below the Twitter feed. This is a place where we can share information and talk in a more substantive way. I post news and short features here and you can chime in with your opinions and stories too.


Hearing from readers is the best part of doing this blog.  (Otherwise, what’s the point?)  So please don’t hesitate to leave comments at the end of each article and let me and others know what you think. I post every comment that contributes to a dialogue. However, spam and outright self-promotion without any relevance to the Blog post won’t be published.

Bookmarking and Sharing Blogposts

I’ve made it really easy for you to share an article you like with a friend (or mother) by email or through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, and Linked In. At the end of each story, you’ll find several social media icons for you to select from. Just click on a particular icon and you’ll see clear, one-step instructions for sharing it.

To Research a Particular Topic

There are two ways to find information on a particular topic published on this website: you can SEARCH by entering a keyword and hit enter. Or you can use the drop-down menu to search by a topic.

Access to Other Resources & Information

To help you with your own research, I include links to documentation and background information whenver possible.  I also have included a “blogroll,” which are links to other websites that I believe have a lot to offer.


It’s easy. You can read updates by subscribing to an RSS feed if you use a Reader (i.e. Google Reader, BlogLines). Or you can enter your email address to receive them in your in-box. Both options can be found in the “Stay Connected” box on the top right. When you sign up, you’ll receive a really, informative article on “Getting Fit and Staying Strong” as we age, written by a top notch women’s fitness expert. I think you’ll get a lot out of it.


There is a “creative commons” copyright notice on the bottom of this blog’s webpage. This means that I give permission for people to use my content (i.e. copy, distribute, display) as long as it is properly attributed and not used for commercial use.  Visit the Creative Commons website for a complete explanation. If you want to use my content but are unsure if it’s “legal” please feel free to contact me using the online form provided.

Please note that blogposts written by any one other than myself (in other words all “guest bloggers”) do not fall under this Creative Commons license and all rights are reserved by the author.  Again, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Contact Me!

Questions, suggestions for topics and any and all feedback is welcomed. Please click on the “CONTACT ME” tab at the top and a form will come up for you to use. I use this approach rather than posting my email address in order to avoid spam, which I already have enough of.