I launched this website five years ago as a part of my own journey through midlife changes.  I feel better than ever now (more about that in a moment), and I’m committed to sharing the information I gather with my community of readers.

What can you expect? Interviews with medical experts and other authorities; reports from conferences I attend; links to relevant online resources; updates on the latest research (with links); book reviews;  recommendations for healthful beauty products; and any other material I consider illuminating, thought-provoking or uplifting.

To help you with your own research, I strive to present material as impartially as possible, to point out potential conflicts of interest, and to offer links to original sources whenever I can.

This project, as I mentioned earlier, is a result of my own experience. In my late 40s, working long hours at a stressful corporate job, I began to suffer sleeplessness, mood swings and a feeling of disengagement from my work. An array of physical symptoms followed  — my body’s thermostat was malfunctioning and my blood pressure and weight were rising.

I felt I’d lost control of my body.

I threw myself into research. A friend suggested I was in perimenopause.  I’d never heard of it – but it sounded like something I was too young to have. Yet everything I read confirmed this diagnosis. And as I delved into books, blogs and magazine articles, I began to grasp this strange new reality.

Ultimately I found a physician specializing in integrative medicine; she prescribed hormones, supplements and a diet that would go with my new, slower metabolism. I started developing a regimen to navigate the continuing changes in my physiology. I’ve learned that how I treat myself now will influence the quality of my life when I’m older.

These hard-won lessons prompted me to share what I’d learned. Why, after all, should every woman have to discover the facts about menopause on her own? Why is this inevitable, natural transformation shrouded in secrecy?

Menopause: The Blog aims to lift that shroud – to be a reliable source of accurate information and an opportunity for women experiencing these changes to share what they’ve learned. I hope you find it helpful.