Dear Readers: So Long After Seven Years….

Dear Readers,

After nearly seven years and 700 articles about women’s health during the menopause years, I’ve decided to stop publishing Menopause The Blog to devote more time to other projects concerning women’s health. I started MTB as a way to share my personal research about menopause symptoms and remedies with other women experiencing the same thing. Whether you’ve just stumbled onto this website through a web search or you’ve been a regular follower, I hope that you’ve found answers to your own questions in my articles, reading recommendations and interviews with leading medical experts.

If you have enjoyed reading this blog, and want to continue learning about menopause from other members of the “tribe,” let me introduce you to the “menopause sisterhood” – women who, as a result of their own experiences with weight gain, hot flashes, brain fog and more – have made it their mission to  help other women through their books, blogs, media appearances and events;

Have you discovered Ellen Dolgen?  She wrote a terrific book called Shmirshky: the pursuit of hormone happiness(she explains the title in the book), which is a primer about what to expect in the menopause years. You’ll love her breezy writing style and upbeat attitude. Stanness Jonekos turned her personal experience of conquering menopausal weight gain (just as she was planning her wedding) into The Menopause Makeover: The Ultimate Guide to Taking Control of Your Health and Beauty During Menopause- her weight loss program that’s helping hundreds of women. Magnolia at The Perimenopause Blog shares her personal experiences, encouragement and a big dose of wisdom on her information-packed blog. And at Flash Free: Not Your Mama’s Menopause, writer Liz Scherer shares her witty sensibility and keen writing skills on topics such as menopausal belly fat (“Jelly in Yo Belly?) and sex cereal (“What’s Fueling Your Fire in the Morning?”).

I can’t say goodbye without a shout out to three physicians I’ve come to know, who are also devoting their careers to helping mid-life women, and who have been so generous with me. Dr. Robynne Chutkan is an integrative gastro-enterologist near Washington, D.C. who understands the unique needs of menopausal women. She can spend hours talking about bloat and gas. In fact she’s written a book about it called “Gut Bliss” that will hit the stores in October. You’ll find details about it on her website.

Dr. Barb Dupree, a gynecologist in Michigan founded to bring problems of sexual dysfunction out in the open so women know they’re not alone and that there are solutions. It’s the best resource I’ve seen on this topic and she even takes questions.

Dr. Lauren Streicher makes me wish I lived in Chicago where she has a thriving gynecology practice no doubt because of her genuine interest in women’s most personal health concerns and her love of teaching, whether at the Northwestern U. medical school, through her media appearances and books, or one-to-one with her patients. If you’re a candidate for a hysterectomy, you must read her book, The Essential Guide to Hysterectomy.

And, though we live on opposite coasts, I consider Joan Pagano my personal trainer through her excellent , illustrated books on women’s fitness that I’ve told you about on this blog. We finally met in person just last year and I know that if we lived near each other we’d walk our 10,000 daily steps together.

Thanks for reading and, for now, so long.