Mother’s Day Gifts for Hot Mamas

Hot flashes is the theme of my picks for mothers’s day gifts this year. There’s no reliable natural remedy to make them go away. Even hormone therapy is no guarantee. But there are plenty of products that claim to make us more comfortable so we can at least get a good night sleep. Here are a few ideas for mother’s day gifts – that you may like too.

hot flashes, menopause, portable fansThe Rejuvenair Fan – I’ve personally tried this nifty fan and I highly recommend it. Its small size makes it convenient to use anywhere, but its creator, Dr. Lorrie Klein, a dermatologist in Laguna Niguel, CA, had menopausal women in mind when she added features like a pre-set timer, timed cooling intervals of 2.5, 5 and 10 minutes, and automatic shut-off, fast/slow and oscillating switches.

If night sweats are a problem, consider trying Wicked Sheets, created by founder Alli Truttman. She’s clearly too young to have experienced a hot flash herself, but she had the idea of applying the smart fabric technology found in athletic clothing to bedsheets. So they’re soft, absorbent, moisture-wicking and comfortable.

Unless you prefer to sleep au natural, there are several brands of sleepwear that promise to absorb and wick away moisture. Drybabe claims to be the only one made with natural fibers. Cool-jams promotes its “cotton-like” comfort and feel, along with odor and bacterial control.  Haralee (“cool garments for hot women”) also offers shirts and at-home wear.

menopause, hot flashes, night sweats, The Quick Chill – Finally, when you need to cool off fast, wherever you are, Cool Off Citrus Ice Towelettes will do the trick. I tried them at a menopause conference last year and I can still remember the lasting tingling and cooling effect. Each towelette contains 17 ingredients including Aloe Vera, Arnica, and Chamomile and Sea weed extracts. The instructions say that splashing a little water on the areas where you wiped the towelette reactivates the cool. This is a good item to keep in your purse this summer.

The Cool Off folks I met at a recent menopause conference sent me five sample boxes to give to Menopause The Blog (MTB) readers. There are four herbal cooling towelettes in each box – enough to see if this works for you. Want to give them a try?  MTB subscribers who leave a comment below will be eligible to win a sample box. A winner will be chosen via, and notified on May 9th.