A New Evaluation of Black Cohosh Yields Disappointing Results

Many women who experience hot flashes and want to stick to natural remedies often turn to Black Cohosh supplements for relief. They seem to work for a short amount of time for some women, while not all for others.

Unfortunately, those disappointing results are consistent with the findings of a new meta-analysis of 16 randomized controlled trials, published just last week, that found no evidence that the herb is effective for menopause symptoms.

Those studies involved more than 2,000 women who took 40 mg of Black Cohosh for an average of 23 weeks. Participants in the comparison groups used placebos, red clover, hormone therapy or antidepressants. The only study participants who saw an improvement in hot flash frequency were those taking hormone therapy.

I find it encouraging that serious attention is being devoted to the study of natural remedies. Though these researchers did not have good news to report, they did write that “there is adequate justification for conducting further studies in this area… and there should be greater consideration to the use of other important outcomes, such as quality of life, bone health, night sweats and cost effectiveness.”

You can see their report at The Cochrane Library website.

To learn more about Black Cohosh and what other clinical studies have been done to evaluate its effect on menopausal symptoms, visit the website of The National Institute of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements.

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