The 5 Best Books on Brain Fitness

If brain fog and too many senior moments have you worried about the future of your aging brain, you should know about AARP’s List of Best Brain Fitness Books. Among the top five is a book that I reviewed and highly recommended last year: The Secret Life of the Grown-up Brain: The Surprising Talents of Middle-Aged Mind by Barbara Strauch who thinks that “the middle-aged mind is vastly under-estimated.”

Another top-five book is The Sharp Brains Guide to Brain Fitness: 18 Interviews with Scientists, Practical Advice, and Product Reviews, to Keep Your Brain Sharp, which provides a macro view of the latest science, products and trends in brain health.This book is a great place to start for anyone who’s skeptical or confused about brain fitness, or wondering if there’s something that we can do to keep our memory sharp as we age.

The authors, Alvaro Fernandez and Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg, debunk 10 brain and brain fitness myths (i.e. our brain age cannot be reversed as some claim); explain neuroplasticity (the brain’s remarkable lifelong ability to change and rewire itself) and explain in detail what they see as the four pillars of brain maintenance, which are:

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Physical exercise
  • Mental stimulation

In short, the latest research shows that when it comes to brain fitness, lifestyle does matter, which is good news since it suggests that we have some control over our cognitive abilities as we age.  What does this mean exactly? Read Alvaro Fernandez’ article, “The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Brains,” for a list of lifestyle options that you can follow to maintain and improve your brain.  My favorite?  ”Practice positive, future-oriented thoughts.”

If all of this piques your interest, consider participating in an upcoming, online series of Q&A sessions on Brain Fitness with the co-author of this book, Alvaro Fernandez (11/15) and two other leading thinkers on the subject of brain health:  Dr. Gary Small, author of The Memory Bible: An Innovative Strategy For Keeping Your Brain Young (11/1) ; and Dr. Paul Nussbaum, author of  Save Your Brain: The 5 Things You Must Do to Keep Your Mind Young and Sharp (11/22).  Click here for more details.