Do Any OTC Menopause Products Really Work? Only These Docs Will Tell You The Truth

Before you buy an over-the-counter remedy for hot flashes, insomnia or any other menopause symptom, be sure to check the website of the Wellesley Center for Women’s Health.  This is a group  of doctors and researchers whose mission is “to provide women with information that others normally wouldn’t.”  So they test products that promise to make you feel better and they tell you if they work or not.  And why.

Who are these doctors? They won’t say.  Apparently, they are so truthful they must work anonymously. They describe themselves as “fed up with current practices in the health care industry” and choose instead “to contribute their knowledge of the most common health problems and remedies.”  They’ve got my attention!

They explain on their website that most supplements and creams just have one ingredient, but a variety of hormone-balancing ingredients is necessary for them to have any real benefit.  So, they test for estrogen balance, progesterone balance and quality of ingredients (no dyes).  Their vote for the two most effective menopause supplements?

At the top of the list is Mendapause, which they describe on their website as “a well-balanced formulation:”

“It has phytoestrogenic ingredients from a variety of sources… it’s balanced with botanical ingredients, which raise progesterone levels… it has progesterone precursors in wild yam and black cohosh… and contains no carcinogenic titanium.”

Source Naturals Hot Flash was cited as another menopause support supplement “with a good amount of phytoestrogens and progesterone balancers:”

“It has isoflavones from soy, dong quai and licorice root, all of which are weakly estrogenic plant compounds.  It also has chasteberry, which raises progesterone levels… and progesterone precursors in black cohosh.”

You can see their reviews of twelve other menopause support products on their website.