Balancing Hormones with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Last weekend at the BlogHer gathering, I met Tomima Edmark, a 51-year old Dallas woman, who told me that she’s never had a menopausal symptom. My first thought was, “that’s not fair!” But then she explained. Tomima started taking bioidentical hormones eight years ago, when she first began experiencing perimenopausal symtoms. With the help of a medical professional who specializes in hormone balance, Tomima says she feels and looks better now than she did a decade ago. My second thought? Why didn’t I think of that?

tomima2.jpgTomima strikes me as the kind of woman who wouldn’t let anything get in the way of enjoying life, especially hot flashes and insomnia. She was a nationally-ranked synchronized swimmer, the inventor of the TopsyTail (remember that?), and ten years ago, founded the successful, online lingerie store, HerRoom. No foggy brain for her!

So if you want what she’s having, find a medical professional, like Tomima did, who will work with you to test and monitor your hormone levels and customize a prescription that’s right for you. If your own physician doesn’t have the time or inclination, there are integrated medicine specialists and naturopathic doctors who will.

When you Google “balancing hormones,” a lot of products, and people selling products turn up. But if you’re seriously interested in learning more about bioidentical hormone replacement (BHRT), a good place to start is with Dr. John Lee’swebsite and books, Dr. John Lee’s Hormone Balance Made Simple: The Essential How-to Guide to Symptoms, Dosage, Timing, and More; and What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause (TM): The Breakthrough Book on Natural Hormone Balance. Dr. Lee, who was an early proponent of natural hormone balance, wrote a number of other informative books on menopause and breast cancer in his “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About…” series.

Other sources of good information areDr. Uzzi Reisswebsite and book, Natural Hormone Balance for Women; and Dr. Elizabeth Vliet’s website and books, including Women, Weight and Hormones, which I wrote about here in December.

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