Rx for Memory: Circuit Training For the Brain!

A new gym has recently opened here in San Francisco that’s perfect for any one who thinks their memory is getting a bit mushy with age.  It’s called vibrantBrains and their focus is on building our mental muscle to improve and maintain memory and attention as we age.

Located among the diverse shops and restaurants on Sacramento Street, this new “health club” offers a range of memberships that include unlimited access to their “Neurobics Circuit” — a program of 28 challenging, cognitive skill workouts and games;  stress management software tools; brain exercises that can improve memory and attention; and other cutting-edge software for practicing reasoning and concentration skills and measuring your “brain age.”  Members can also enjoy the comfy lounge and read lots of books and magazines about, what else, our brains.

If you live in the area you can take advantage of their free Science Salon series featuring expert speakers.  The next gathering will focus on a topic near to my heart – how information overload and multitasking can affect the midlife brain.  And if you enjoy “group” exercises, check out their Brain Fitness Program classroom.

There are several scientifically-based software programs from companies such as Posit Science, that you can try on your own if you don’t live in the Bay area and you want to give this “mental workout” a try.  It is certainly worth exploring if you’re concerned that your memory function is diminishing along with your Estrogen levels.