Recommended Reading: “Our Bodies Ourselves” – yes, that one!

Remember “Our Bodies Ourselves” ? I was still a teenager when the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective published this landmark book. It was the beginning of the feminist movement and it was the first book that talked about women’s health, reproduction and sexuality openly and honestly. It was a big deal and everyone I knew had a copy on their bookshelf. It has since been translated and/or adapted into 20 languages.

Over the years, its eight editions have kept up with our generation’s changing needs and health concerns. In 2005, Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth” was published followed the next year by  Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause”. It’s an outstanding resource that I highly recommend to all women who are looking for explanations of the changes in their bodies as they age and guidance for managing this stage of life.

The book provides comprehensive, unbiased information about HRTas well as alternative, non-medical approaches including the benefits, negative effects and associated risks. The authors also cover ground not addressed in other books about Menopause such as:

  • the emotional challenges of sexuality, relationships and body image
  • managing stress
  • attitudes towards aging
  • motherhood and care giving for elders
  • related health concerns such as uterine and bladder health
  • understanding research results and making decisions about drugs
  • racial and ethnic differences

I particularly enjoyed reading the personal stories and anecdotes that the authors use to punctuate their information. The experiences and wisdom that other women are willing to share can be as, if not more important and beneficial to us than any professional’s prescription.

I’ll be interested in your opinions about this book.