Flax Seed for Hot Flashes?

I mentioned several weeks ago that I had begun a daily regimen of Black Cohosh, Flax Seed and Fish Oil.  I’m happy to report that the hot flashes that I had been experiencing for more than a year have completely stopped.  Based on everything I’ve read, I  attributed this to the Black Cohosh, while the Flax Seeds have undoubtedly benefited me in other ways.  But a new study suggests that it could have been the flax seed after all.

Granted, the study, reported in the Journal of the Society for Integrative Oncology, was small - 21 women participated – but the results were promising. Each participant ate four tablespoons of crushed flaxseed daily for six weeks (double what I am presently taking). Half of them had a drop in hot-flash frequency and the study concluded that “this reduction is greater than what would be expected with a placebo.”

Even if Flax Seed does not eliminate hot flashes, the plant, which contains Omega 3s, Lignans and Fiber, certainly has other benefits that make it worth taking including;

  • Lowering cholesterol

  • Stabilizing blood sugar

  • Reducing certain inflammations

In fact, it’s being called a new wonder food that may help fight a number of diseases from breast cancer to diabetes and heart disease.

Since our bodies can’t breakdown whole flaxseed, purchase it already ground (I found organic ground flaxseed at Whole Foods) and stir them in yogurt or smoothies. If you like to bake, you can also add ground flaxseed to muffins and breads.  You’ll find lots of recipes using Flax as an ingredient in Elaine MaGee’s “The Flax Cookbook” and in “The Amazing Flax Cookbook” by Jane Reinhardt.